Freddie's Fears

Freddie is scared of all animals. He's frightened of frogs and snakes make him scream. Until, one day, his dad shows him there's really nothing to be scared about.


A delightful, entertaining, engaging and endearing book.

The combination of Ross Collins' gentle illustrations and Hilary Robinson's engaging text make this a special little treasure which children will want to return to over and over again. The simple rhyme of the prose powerfully conveys a deeply felt truth about the world and how children can come to terms with the animal kingdom by an act of childish faith. It is easy to be drawn into Freddie's world and share his traumas and ultimate triumph. Great care has been taken with each phrase and with every detail of the pictures and the two complement each other perfectly. Little boys (and girls), like Freddie, will feel greatly comforted as the story reaches its resolution.

– Francis Nicholson (via Amazon)

Book details

Written by Hilary Robinson

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Published by Franklin Watts

Year published: 2002