The Princess’s Secret Letters

Do you know what presents a princess gets on her birthday? No, that's because it is a secret. In this book Princess Isabella reveals all her birthday secrets in letters to her friend Lucy - and to you! There is a cover-mounted pink, fluffy pen so the reader can write their own secret letters.

The idea behind the book

My daughter wasn't well when she was small and one day Princess Diana wrote a letter inviting her to Kensington Palace! But the letter was written on the Princess's last day in London. She died in a car crash in Paris a week later. I found out later that the Princess used to invite sick children to the palace for tea. She let them carry her handbag and sit on her knee. Not a lot of people know that! So I wrote the Princess's Secret Letters and The Princess's Secret Sleepover about the secret life of a Princess!

Book details

Written by Hilary Robinson

Illustrated by Mandy Stanley

Published by Little Tiger Press

Year published: 2005