The Big Book of Magical Mix-Ups

Whether they are turning their embarrassing uncle into an exploding pencil case or their nosy granny into an inflatable doughnut, children will have hours of fun creating hundreds of hilarious magic spells using the split pages in this brilliant book.

The idea behind the book

The genius that is Nick Sharratt and I spent many long hours trying to make this book work! In the end we stopped trying to be too clever and just decided to have a lot of fun .. and I’m sure if he could have turned me into a flying dinosaur and I could have turned him into an exploding pair of trainers we would have done!


If you have ever wished you could turn a weedy uncle into an inflatable fairy or a bad-tempered friend into an exploding pencil case then this is the book for you!

In what is probably the most hilarious spell book ever published, Nick Sharratt's trademark illustrations combine with ludicrous instructions in a split-page, spiral-bound format to produce almost limitless possibilities for magical transformations.

Anyone wishing to find out what might happen if they stick a finger up one nostril, suck on a humbug, sniff a sorcere's socks and eat seven lettuces should consult this book immediately.

Guaranteed to keep youngsters amused but accompanied by a warning that all spells should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

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Book details

Written by Hilary Robinson

Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Published by Scholastic

Year published: 2010