News posts for 2017

A Song For Will

Special, limited edition copies of 'A Song For Will' - The Lost Gardeners of Heligan is published this month. Hilary and illustrator, Martin Impey, worked in partnership with The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall to produce a stunning, highly illustrated story for children and young adults about the gardeners and outdoor staff of the estate who enlisted after the outbreak of World
War 1. The story, which has drawn on archive and military detail of the time and includes many local landmarks and places of interest at Heligan, has been described as a deeply moving tribute.

'A Song For Will' - The Lost Gardeners of Heligan is published by Strauss House Productions (ISBN 978-0957124530)

PDSA Writing Competition

The UK’s leading veterinary charity, the PDSA, has launched its annual Animal Heroes Writing Competition 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day. Hilary has teamed up with the charity to write the beginning, middle and end of a story called ‘Buddy Saves The Day’ – and it’s up to young people to write the rest!

The winner will receive a set of signed books including Flo of the Somme, an Amazon Kindle and an opportunity to meet Hilary herself at one of the PDSA Pet Hospitals.

To submit your stories, go to the PDSA Writing Competition website. You’ll find Hilary’s prompts and you can also read an article by Flo of the Somme, all about how she and other animals helped in the war effort.

Mixed Up Fairy Tales is one of the favourite children's books

The National Literacy Trust has published a list celebrating the most popular books chosen every year of the last two decades by children who have taken part in the Young Readers Programme. 'Mixed Up Fairy Tales' was voted as the top book of 2004 by 384.000 children.