News posts for 2020

Memorable mix of fun and Viking facts

Jasper Viking Dog is the February 2020 Book of the Month at Love Reading, and they gave the following review:

Charlie Tanner's dog Jasper thinks he's descended from Viking dogs and is determined to find out more. This sparks a series of very funny letters from Charlie to the curator at the local Viking museum, in which Charlie poses questions from Jasper. In fact, questions and answers tell us lots about Viking life and the unusual and ingenious presentation makes it all extremely readable and accessible. A great way to learn about the Vikings. Jasper has explored space for readers too, and it looks he has more adventures to come, which is good news.

_ Andrea Reece.

The Humble Mayor Of Grumble: a new fable

The Humble Mayor of Grumble is the second story in the Genus Fables series by Hilary Robinson and illustrator Ste Johnson and explores the impact of Covid-19 on our lives while offering some words of reassurance to worried children.

A free download from Strauss House Productions.